Matter and energy interacting in an arena of space and time - but does it float

Damien Hirst - God Knows Why (2005)
You see,
I’ve written like a million poems
hoping that somehow
you’ll jump out of the page
and be closer to me.
Because if you were here,
right now,
I would massage your back
until your skin sings songs
that your lips don’t even know the words to,
until your heartbeat sounds like my last name
and you smile like the pacific ocean.
I want to drink the sunlight in your skin.
by Rudy Francisco, Love Poem (via larmoyante)

Dries Van Noten’s nude dancer prints were done in collaboration with illustrator Richard Haines


Tokyo-based artist Azuma Makoto launched a 50-year-old Japanese white pine bonsai, along with an arrangement of orchids, hydrangeas, lilies and irises, into the great beyond.

The carefully arranged greenery was expelled from planet earth from Black Rock Desert, Nevada — also the location of the Burning Man Festival. The whole project was taped, thanks to the six GoPro cameras strapped to the balloons which carried the plants. As you could probably guess, the juxtaposition of crisp floral arrangement and the empty wilderness of outer space is a surreal sight to behold.

"I went to Amazon, Brazil last year and created art pieces with plants that were full of aliveness in dense forest where I could hear groan from the earth," the artist explained to the Huffington Post. "This was a mind-blowing experience since I really felt that I was arranging the plants onto the earth. For this EXOBIOTANICA project, one of my inspiration sources was curiosity – I asked myself, ‘what would it happen when I arrange plants on the globe, from up in the sky?’ as a concept that is completely opposite of what I did in Brazil."

The goal was simple: “I wanted to explore how flowers and plants would bloom, decay and change outside of the earth. I wanted to seek and tell how their beauties will look with the earth as its background.” (via HuffPostArts)

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I dream of a language whose words, like fists, would fracture jaws.
by Emil Cioran, Strangled Thoughts (via wordsnquotes)

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